Anjan Drug Private Limited

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Policy Statement

The CSR Policy of Anjan Drug focuses on addressing critical social, environmental and economic needs of the underprivileged and downtrodden sections of the society. We adopt an approach that integrates the solutions to these problems into the strategies of the company, to benefit the communities at large and create social and environmental impact. The policy includes contributing or adopting projects in the following areas of intervention defined in Schedule VII of the Companies Act:

- Livelihood enhancement projects
- Ensuring environmental sustainability
- Promoting education
- Voluntary Contribution to Prime Minister's National Relief Fund (PMNRF) and other social welfare schemes
- Other activities defined in Schedule VII as may be identified in future by the CSR Committee

CSR Policy

CSR Policy

CSR Disclosures

Report on CSR for the year 2020-21

Report on CSR for the year 2021-22

Report on CSR for the year 2022-23

Statutory Disclosures

Annual Return - Form MGT – 7 for the year 2020-21

Annual Return – Form MGT -7 for the year 2021-22

Annual Return – Form MGT -7 for the year 2022-23

Compliance Reports

GPD - EC Condition Compliance

ALATHUR - EC Condition Compliance